33rd Committee


The Committee of the Association oversees the administration of the PHA NSW & ACT’s affairs.  Members serve two year terms, with half (two office holders and two general members) directly elected by the membership each year at the annual general meeting.

The Committee meets every six weeks.

Members of the 33rd Committee for 2017-18 are:

Chair Mark Dunn phanswpresident@gmail.com
Deputy Chair & Treasurer Nicole Cama phanswtreasurer@gmail.com
Secretary and Public Officer Birgit Heilmann phanswsecretary@gmail.com
Membership Officer Patricia Curthoys phanswmembershipofficer@gmail.com
Member and PHAus delegate Michelle Richmond
CPD Officer Lisa Murray  phanswevents@gmail.com
Public Prize Officer Minna Muhlen-Schulte
Member (Alternate PHAus delegate) Mark Dunn
Member Francesca Beddie