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My historical research focuses on the rise of secularist thought in Australia and how religious believers have responded to this. Currently I am writing a book about the religious beliefs of Australian soldiers on the frontline in World War I. I am using a combination of traditional archival research and advanced use of information technology to research soldier diaries.

Since I graduated with first class honours in history from the University of Sydney in 2010 I have worked on a number of research projects included a major ARC-funded study on the history of teaching reading in Australia.  I have drawn on my professional public relations experience to share the excellent work historians do in Australia with the general public through blogs and twitter. My work is marked by the use of technology in order to gain greater insight into historical material and to increase productivity while researching.

The historian Alan Atkinson, author of the award-winning book, Europeans in Australia, Volume Three: Nation, said about my work:

... Yvonne Perkins has made a very significant difference, tying her own perceptive research on the Federation period, its moral and religious dimensions, to my own inquiries.

Alan Atkinson, Europeans in Australia: Volume Three: Nation, p. xxii

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My thesis was on the history of Queensland, in particular Brisbane, in the decade prior to World War I. As well as researching in Brisbane, I often work in Canberra and Melbourne. I also have also done some research in Hobart.

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My honours thesis, Queensland's Bible in State Schools Referendum 1910: A Case Study of Democracy is available for download from the repository of the University of Sydney.

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Web: https://stumblingpast.wordpress.com/