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Sydney’s Hidden Aboriginal Past

27 MAY 2017 2:19 PM / 0 COMMENTS

  By Paul Irish, whose book Hidden In Plain View: The Aboriginal People of Coastal Sydney (2017) is out now, published by NewSouth Publishing. We all recognise the Sydney Opera House. Many of us also know that it is built on a point named after early colonial Aboriginal identity Bennelong, who lived [...]

Taking to the Streets: The Great Strike of 1917

12 MAY 2017 5:11 PM / 1 COMMENT

  ‘History is not a single story’, writes Larissa Behrendt in the recently published The Honest History Book, whose main aim is to counter what it sees as Anzackery or the inflation of the Anzac myth over other aspects of Australia’s past. Professional historians have much to contribute to uncovering the multitude [...]

Embracing ghosts? Local history, shared heritage and ‘dark tourism’

19 MARCH 2017 7:05 PM / 2 COMMENTS

  by Peter Hobbins... “Where are the bodies buried?” For historians, who are not prone to excavation – or to desecrating graves – this seems an inappropriate question. Yet it’s one of the most common queries raised during the many public tours and talks that I’ve given on Sydney’s former Quarantine Station at [...]

Crown Street: Four History Lessons

17 FEBRUARY 2017 9:16 PM / 2 COMMENTS

  by Judith Godden ... At last! After some four years’ delay, my history of Sydney’s baby factory, Crown Street Women’s Hospital, is out! Published by Allen & Unwin, Crown Street sheds light on Sydney’s social history as well as international issues in women’s health. It also has some lessons for today, [...]

Public History Prize 2015

8 MARCH 2016 11:43 AM / 1 COMMENT

  ...Birgit Heilmann reports The 2015 Public History Prize was awarded to Imogen Dixon-Smith (pictured right) for her essay, Keeping up with the times: Complicating understandings of gender at the historic house Meroogal. The judges, current chair of the PHA NSW & ACT, Dr Mark Dunn, and Dr Catherine Bishop, Historical Studies Research [...]

Illuminating local history

22 FEBRUARY 2016 6:16 PM / 4 COMMENTS

  ... by Ian Willis ‘Get to know your neighbourhood – you could be in for some surprises!’ says PHA member Katherine Knight, after picking up one of the volumes in the Kingsclear Books Pictorial History Series. A number of PHA members, including myself, have written for Kingsclear about particular localities, regions [...]

Dust, rust and shadows

8 FEBRUARY 2016 7:55 AM / 2 COMMENTS

  by Carol Roberts ... A few years ago I began interviewing the earth-pastel artist Greg Hansell. My research led to me running several historical tours based on Hansell’s artistic representation of heritage sites in the Hawkesbury and close environs. Hansell says his attraction to painting farm implements, tools and industrial technology  is [...]

Japan as the Occupier and the Occupied

6 DECEMBER 2015 7:27 PM / 6 COMMENTS

  ... Christine de Matos discusses the work involved in editing a volume of essays. The year 2015 marked the centenary of Gallipoli, seen as the most important for Australia in a range of Great War centenaries that fall between 2014 and 2018. Less noticeably, 2015 also marked 70 years since the [...]

Callan Park: compassion and conflict in the asylum

11 SEPTEMBER 2015 3:22 PM / 1 COMMENT

  ... Virginia Macleod PHA (NSW & ACT) introduces a new book by Roslyn Burge, Callan Park: compassion and conflict in the asylum, Friends of Callan Park, Rozelle, 2015 When Professor Paula Hamilton, President of Oral History NSW launched this book in August she reflected on what Callan Park means: it is more than [...]

Speeding Through History (and myths and legends)

7 JUNE 2015 12:12 PM / 1 COMMENT

  By Bruce Baskerville The PHA (NSW & ACT) held a ‘Speeding Through History’ event in Canberra on Saturday 30 May 2015. This was one of our Pearl Anniversary 1985-2015 events. It was well attended by a diverse group of public historians working in the ACT and south-eastern NSW. Participants each had [...]