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Five minutes with Dr Emma Gleadhill

24 OCTOBER 2017 1:43 PM / 1 COMMENT

  ... Emma Gleadhill is a Junior Research Fellow in Enlightenment Studies in the Sydney Intellectual History Network (SIHN) Enlightenment and its Impact Program at The University of Sydney. Her historical interests revolve around women’s history, eighteenth-century history, material culture and tourism studies. What made you decide to pursue a career in history? I never [...]

Five minutes with Iain Stuart

19 JUNE 2017 5:58 PM / 0 COMMENTS

  … a heritage consultant at JCIS Consultants. My work focuses on the east coast of Australia. In my practice, I am never sure whether I am a historian, archaeologist or a geographer and often I think I am all at the one time. Certainly, my research interests are not confined to [...]

Introducing Tanya Evans, Director, Centre for Applied History, Macquarie University

13 APRIL 2017 9:15 AM / 2 COMMENTS

  I teach Australian history and public history in the Department of Modern History at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia. In late 2016 I established a research Centre for Applied History in the Faculty of Arts with colleagues in Ancient History, Media, Culture and Communications and Geography and Planning.This Centre draws [...]

Five Minutes With…Rebecca Gross

30 MARCH 2017 10:38 AM / 1 COMMENT

  Rebecca is a historian of design. She works as a freelance writer specialising in architecture, design and history, preferably writing about all three together. What made you decide to pursue a career in history? I previously worked in marketing. After 12 years I needed a change. I didn’t know what that change [...]

Five minutes with Naomi Parry

10 MARCH 2017 11:34 AM / 0 COMMENTS

  ... a freelance historian, heritage consultant and editor who loves working on community histories. Naomi's current area of interest is the life and milieu of Musquito, who was exiled from NSW in 1805 and hanged in Tasmania as a bushranger in 1825. What made you decide to pursue a career in history? I [...]

Illegal Demolition of Historic Buildings in Australia

7 NOVEMBER 2016 4:59 PM / 2 COMMENTS

  by Yvonne Perkins Thousands of people have voiced their outrage at the latest illegal demolition of an historic building in Australia. The Corkman Irish Hotel, which had been part of inner-suburban Melbourne since the 1850s, is now a pile of rubble. Damaged a week earlier by a fire the police are [...]

Introducing Rowan Day

7 SEPTEMBER 2016 10:00 AM / 1 COMMENT

  What made you decide to pursue a career in history? I have always had a love of history, for as long as I can remember. When I was a child I was so enraptured by stories of early explorers that I used to walk around the farm pretending I was  Ludwig [...]

Five minutes with Janet McGaw

14 MARCH 2016 10:55 AM / 1 COMMENT

  ... the latest in the occasional series introducing PHA NSW and ACT members. What is your current position/area of historical interest I am transitioning from full-time administrative work to part-time casual so that I can concentrate on building up a new career as a professional historian. I have wide-ranging interests but my main focus [...]

Introducing Mark Dunn

17 OCTOBER 2015 10:47 AM / 4 COMMENTS

  …the newly elected chair of the PHA NSW & ACT  What is your current position? As with so many of our members I am involved in a range of projects. I was privileged to  have been elected Chair of the PHA NSW& ACT at the last annual general meeting and am currently [...]

Member profile: Jennifer Debenham

4 AUGUST 2015 10:32 PM / 2 COMMENTS

  Dr Jennifer Debenham is Senior Research Assistant, Centre for the History of Violence and Sessional Academic, History – School of Humanities and Social Science; and the English Language and Foundation Studies Program, University of Newcastle. Her current area of research is examining the ways in which Aboriginal Australians have been represented [...]