Christine Yeats

Christine Yeats

PHA NSW Accreditation



A wide ranging interest in Australian history, committed to promoting the study of Australian history. Actively engaged in a range of history-based research projects. Strong supporter of the archives sector.



Area of Expertise

Publications/Past Work

'Recovering forgotten local history: the Randwick branch of the Australian Red Cross Service, 1914-39' ISAA Review, Vol 15, Number 2, 2017 (in production)

‘Incendiarism in Macquarie Street’, History Magazine, No.130, December 2016, Royal Australian Historical Society, Sydney

Battling the bureaucracy: pioneer botanist Sarah Hynes’s Waterloo’ presented at the Independent Scholars Association of Australia annual conference Celebrating Independent Thought: ISAA twenty years on and published in the 2015 Conference Proceedings, 2016.

Romani convicts and Camden connections, Camden History, Journal of the Camden Historical Society, September 2015

Romani in Australia: Invisible and marginalised 'others' in Australian history 'Work in Progress' presented to the NSW Chapter of the Independent Scholars Association of Australia on 23 September 2014 (

'Philip Gidley King's Orphan Schools' RAHS History Magazine, June 2014

'1813 Blue Mountains crossing convict identified: Samuel Fairs an extraordinary life' RAHS History Magazine, March 2013

'Irish convict research using the NSW State archives' in the Papers delivered at the 16th Australasian Irish Studies Conference, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand, 9-12 July 2009

‘Access alert! Don't be alarmed; archival access is a good thing’ in Made, kept & used : celebrating 30 years of the Australian Society of Archivists, Australian Society of Archivists (ASA), Dickson, ACT, 2007

‘Industrial Arbitration Transcripts and Related Sources in the NSW State archives, 1902–91’ in Labour History, Number 93, November 2007

‘Links with India: records in the New South Wales State archives relating to settlers and others’, Journal of the Families in British India Society Issue 16: Autumn 2006.

‘Records relating to local government in the NSW State archives’, History: Magazine of the Royal Australian Historical Society, No. 88, June 2006

‘The men of the First Railway Section, Australian Imperial Expeditionary Forces (AIF) and their times’ presented at the National Railway Heritage Conference, Tamworth, 29 September, 2005

'Lebanese migration and settlement in NSW' in Records Made Real: Lebanese Settlement 1865 to 1945 — Papers from a Seminar on Historical Sources Seminar held 14th September 2001, Australian Lebanese Historical Society, 2001