Francesca Beddie

Francesca Beddie

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Francesca Beddie has an honours degree in history from the Australian National University. Her particular interest is the role of history in public policy development. She has written a history of the Commonwealth department of health, Putting Life into Years, 2001, and several articles on adult education/skilling in Australia, and international relations. She was commissioned by the National Centre for Vocational Education to do a project that looked back at the 1964 Martin Report on Tertiary Education in Australia with a view to seeing what lessons it offered for reform of post-secondary education today.

In addition, she conducts research into the turn of the 19th century into the 20th century in Russia.

She speaks German, Indonesian and some Russian.

Francesca edits the PHA NSW & ACT blog.

Area of Expertise

Public policy




Publications/Past Work

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