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Tanya Evans


Associate Professor


PhD University of London
MA Women's History, University of Londonmhpir-TANYA EVANS_New
MA (Hons) University of Edinburgh


Phone: +61 2 9850 8875
Email: Tanya.Evans@mq.edu.au





Associate Professor, Director of the MRes program and Director of the Centre for Applied History, Macquarie University




I am a public historian who specializes in the history of the family, motherhood, poverty and sexuality. I am passionate about researching ordinary people and places in the past and co-creating historical knowledge with diverse communities.


My first three books were about the history of 'illegitimacy', poverty and philanthropy. Fractured Families: Life on the Margins in Colonial New South Wales was a history of Australia's oldest surviving charity The Benevolent Society and I wrote this in collaboration with family historians and the charity. I love teaching and producing public history and working in teams. I curate exhibitions, write for general as well as academic readers, politicians and social policy makers and I make radio and television programs based on my scholarship. I pitch my work at a variety of audiences because my research is targeted at disrupting people's assumptions about the history of the family. It questions supposedly 'authoritative' or 'commonsensical' knowledge about family life in the past. I am committed to the democratization of historical knowledge. My last book was published by New South and is a community history of the Spit Swimming Club at Balmoral Beach. I am currently writing a history of motherhood in Australia from the Dreaming to the Present for the National Library of Australia while continuing to research the different ways in which family history is practiced in Australia, England and Canada.

I teach public history and Australian history and run internship programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level.