Iain Stuart

Iain Stuart

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My experience in history, archaeology and heritage management, for over 25 years, has been in both private industry and in Government. Most of my historical work supports my practice as part of JCIS Consultants, which covers the broad fields of Historical Archaeology, Heritage, Cultural Landscapes and Industrial Heritage. I also provide historical advice as part of a team preparing heritage assessments and management documents.

The basis of the best heritage assessments or a heritage management documents (such as a Statement of Heritage Impact or an Archaeological Assessment) is a really solid understanding of the history of a place or landscape as this forms the context for the assessment of significance and for heritage management.

I have a great love of history and sense of place. I enjoy the work of tracking down historical sources and still feel excitement and wonder when an unexpected source provides new information about the past.

I have a B.A. (Hons) (La Trobe University), Master of Environmental Science (Monash University) and a Doctorate on Squatting Landscapes of South Eastern Australia (University of Sydney). I am a member of ICOMOS (Aust), as well as being a member and elected board member of ASHA and of TICCIH.

Area of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

The main area of historical research that I practice is research into the history of land use (including houses and commercial buildings) usually to support heritage assessments such as Statements of Heritage Impact, Archaeological Assessments, Conservation Management Plan and Interpretation Plans.

I am very familiar with land titles research, research into crown plans, research into various forms of land occupation such as Soldier Settlement, Selection and Occupation/Leases.

Because I have expertise in Geographical Information Systems such as ArcGIS and QGIS, our reports can be presented with key historical information (such as the location of building or various activities) in the form of maps and plans which can be used to support historical research and integrated into other documents and analysis in the form of overlays.

Publications/Past Work

Publications/Past Work

A selection of papers and reports which I have written are available from my site on Academia.com (https://sydney.academia.edu/IainStuart ). Some representative publications are presented below:

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Web: http://www.jcis.net.au/