The PHA NSW works as an advocate for professional historians and from time to time writes submissions to government and other bodies in furthering our objectives.

NSW Arts and Culture Policy, December 2013

This submission was made on the draft policy, with the main point being the need to rectify the exclusion of history and historians from the draft policy: Submission_20Dec13

ABC Radio Nation, Hindsight Program, September and October 2014

These two submissions, one from PHA NSW & ACT and one from Professional Historians Australia, argue for the retention of Hindsight and other history programming on ABC RN.  The response from the ABC is also below.

PHA NSW&ACT  PHAus   ABC Response


Professional Historians Australia has recently made a submission to the Federal Government arguing for the retention of the five-yearly census.  The submission is below.

Census letter to ABS

Public Stoneyard (Sandstone Heritage)

Two submissions were made, to each of the relevant NSW Ministers, arguing the Stoneyard should be kept as an operating public asset.

Letter to Minister Speakman Letter to Minister Perrotet

Perpetual Copyright

A submission was made to the Commonwealth Attorney-General, asking that the perpetual copyright in unpublished materials be changed to have a time limit.

Letter to Attorney-General Brandis

Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield Minister for the Arts

letter to Minister Fifield regarding threats to Trove and the NLA.

Letter to Minsiter Fifield