Representation and Administration


PHA NSW & ACT Website and Social Media Administration

Website Content: Stephen Gapps, Bruce Baskerville

Website Administrator: Christine de Matos

Blog Editor: Francesca Beddie

Facebook: Nathan Esler, Birgit Heilmann

Twitter: Stephen Gapps


PHA NSW & ACT Representatives:

Professional Historians Australia (PHAus):  Michelle Richmond, Emma Dortins (Alternate)

PHAus Appeals Committee: David Carment

PHAus Advice Committee: Judith Godden

Honorary Librarian: Christine Yeats

History Council of NSW: Stephen Gapps

State Records Community Advisory Committee: Michael Bennett

National Archives of Australia Consultative Forum: Terry Kass

History Advisory Panel to the NSW Heritage Council: Patricia Curthoys

RAHS Archives & Records Management Committee: Christine Yeats

Mitchell Library Consultative Group: Joy Hughes