Members Blog

The PHA NSW & ACT blog is a moderated conversation. It is increasingly being read by wider audiences and is an opportunity for members to engage in public history issues and present a dynamic face to our communities. It is also a chance to interact with other members and present your work or research interests.

All members are invited to submit posts to the blog. They can be items of interest, current issues, or profiles of members background and work. Contact the blog editor with ideas, or ask the blog editor if there are topics to be written about.

The comments on the blog are a site where we strongly encourage engagement and conversations. Comments are moderated. The blog editor will assist with copy-edit.

Before you prepare your contribution to the blog, please review the Blog-Editorial-Policy-and-Guidelines (updated 2019).

Further, if you would like to introduce yourself to PHA NSW & ACT, we would love to hear from you. Please see attached Members Profile for questions.

We encourage you to contribute to the blog. This is your chance to bring a public face to professional history. You can contact the blog editor at