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Rodney Buckton
Archives/Records ManagementSkill
Colonial HistorySpecial interest
Environmental HistorySpecial interest
Social HistorySpecial interest
Local HistorySpecial interest
Urban HistorySpecial interest
• Social, Environmental and Economic History • Business History • Mining History • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis • Archival research and Heritage/Landscape History • Policy and government relations • Project Management Qualifications: PhD, M.Res., M. Mineral & Energy Economics., B.A., (Majors, History & Geography). (All Macquarie University) Cert. Min. Surv., (QIT) I am an independent professional historian, offering significant knowledge and experience through a multi-faceted career in resources, project consulting, State government policy and economics, and the financial sector. This experience including significant fundamental historical archival research and reporting for Government. I am a qualified natural resource economist and an experienced researcher and writer with a particular interest in the history of institutions, built and natural environments, and acceleration through consumption, with a focus on change through technology and energy consumption. Australia’s colonial social and economic history since 1850 in its global context. The skills obtained through my multi-sector experience remain relevant for understanding both historical context and the nuances of change over time. I offer a skilled capability for quantitative and qualitative research and analysis accessing, collating and analysing information in many areas, including technical/scientific, statistical, legislative, economic and spatial data. My prior experience involved a high level of project evaluation and review functions.
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