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Rose Cullen
Archives/Records ManagementSkill
Oral HistorySkill
Social HistorySpecial interest
Local HistorySpecial interest
Urban HistorySpecial interest
Architectural HistorySpecial interest
Heritage/Landscape HistorySpecial interest
Dr Rose Cullen is a professional historian with expertise in Australian social, cultural and local history, as well as the built environment and historical consciousness. She has worked as an independent historian, as a local studies librarian and as an assistant curator on exhibitions at the Macleay Museum and the National Museum of Australia. Rose has wide-ranging research skills, including: preparing detailed site histories for heritage architects, using diverse archives across Australia and conducting oral history interviews. Rose shares her love and knowledge of history through her writing, exhibitions and in person. She is experienced writing for a variety of audiences, having produced documents for government, business, academia and the general public. She has also given many talks to community groups and presented papers at conferences in Australia and internationally. Rose’s PhD, awarded in 2019 from the University of Sydney, explored historical consciousness and the repair of old houses in Australia from the 1960s – 2018. She won the 2011 Max Kelly Medal awarded by the History Council of NSW and the 2017 J. K. Walton Prize awarded by the Journal of Tourism History.