Catherine Bishop

PHA NSW Accreditation

Professional Member


I am employed as Research Officer with the History Research Initiative at UWS and as Research Concentration Coordinator for the History Research Group at ACU. I also coordinate the Australian Studies Research Network with Anna Clark from UTS. I am a member of the AHA and AWGSA. I am a New Zealander and have lived in Sydney for nearly twenty years.

I am currently turning my PhD thesis 'Commerce Was a Woman: Women in Business in Colonial Sydney and Wellington' into a book manuscript. I am writing articles and presenting conference papers both from it and based on other research, including representations of women at heritage sites and in museums. My latest research investigates Australians and New Zealanders who participated in World Youth Forums in Britain and the USA during the 1940s and 1950s, both within the area of travel and tourism history and as an example of world peace youth citizenship initiatives.


Area of Expertise

Australian and New Zealand history, gender history, gender and heritage, tourism history, missions and Aborigines,

Publications/Past Work

‘“Three Cheers for Tommy Windich, the West Australian Explorer”: Explorer Memory and Aboriginal Celebrity’, in Exploring Indigenous Histories: Archives, Intimacies, Exchanges and Places (co-authored with Richard White, accepted April 2014, ANU E-Press, to be published 2015)

‘When Your Money Is Not Your Own: Coverture and Married Women in Business in Colonial New South Wales’ (in press, accepted February 2014, Law and History Review)

 “Spinks Cottage: Heritage, History and Use” in The Lives of Objects edited by Annabel Cooper, Angela Wanhalla and Lachlan Paterson, (in press, accepted January 2014, University of Otago Press, to be published 2015)

 ‘Women on the Move: Gender, Money-making and Mobility in Mid-Nineteenth Century Australasia’, History Australia (in press, accepted 2013, to be published 2014)

Editorial, Lilith: A Feminist History Journal 19, 2013

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