Ray Christison

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Ray Christison is an historian and historical archaeologist operating his own consulting practice.  Ray specialises in rural and regional heritage. He is engaged regularly by the Australian Rail Track Corporation and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to develop management plans for buildings and heritage places. He is contracted to two regional NSW Councils and to Charter Hall to provide heritage advice. He has also been responsible for the development of in-situ interpretations including the Fitz Roy Iron Works in Mittagong and the award winning Furnace Fire & Forge Heritage Trail in Lithgow.

Ray has a particular interest in coalmining history and has published five books in this area. Ray is currently engaged by Glencore Coal to write histories of two coal mines in New South Wales. He also researched and wrote the Lithgow Migration History in collaboration with Naomi Parry. Ray has also been responsible for Thematic Histories of five New South Wales local government areas, and numerous histories of rural and pastoral properties and transport routes.

 In addition to his work in cultural heritage management, Ray possesses qualifications in business management and facilitation, and has worked extensively in regional economic development. Ray has  been a Director of the City of Greater Lithgow Mining Museum Inc since 1992, and has led the development of this large and important community project. He is a Board Member of Museums and Galleries of NSW. 

Area of Expertise

Ray’s specialisations include: 

Publications/Past Work

Oaky Creek No.1 heart of the Bowen Basin 1989 to 2017, High Ground Press 2017

Shapeshifter. The strange life of John Hampton Christison, professor of dancing, The City of Greater Lithgow Mining Museum Inc. 2017

The Coal Factory. Newlands Underground Mine 1995 to 2016High Ground Press 2017

Baal Bone Colliery a history, The City of Greater Lithgow Mining Museum Inc. 2013

A Light in the Vale. Development of the Lithgow District Miners’ Mutual Protective Association 1875-1900 , The City of Greater Lithgow Mining Museum Inc. 2011

Tyldesley. The village that disappeared, The City of Greater Lithgow Mining Museum Inc. 2009

Lithgow State Coal Mine a pictorial history, The City of Greater Lithgow Mining Museum Inc. 2009

“An Enduring Sense of Disaster at the Bellbird Colliery, 1923”, Australasian Mine Safety Journal Vol.2 No.7 Spring 2009 (re-published in Vol.4 No.2 Spring 2012)

“Underground Fire Horror Lithgow State Coal Mine, 1953”Australasian Mine Safety Journal Vol.2 No.6 Winter 2009 

“Cage Accidents at the Lithgow State Coal Mine, 1922-1925"Australasian Mine Safety Journal Vol.2 No.5 Autumn 2009 

“I’m not alright Jack, I’m hurt bad.” – history investigation, Australasian Mine Safety Journal Vol.2 No.3 Spring 2008

Furnace, Fire and ForgeLithgow’s Iron and Steel Industry. 1874-1932,  Light Railway Research Society of Australia 2005

Web: http://ww.higround.com.au