Ruth Longdin

PHA NSW Accreditation

Professional Member


Ruth Longdin is a professional historian and registered heritage consultant working in the Blue Mountains and Central West of NSW.


Bachelor of Applied Science in Cultural Heritage Management (UC)

Master of Arts in Applied History (UTS)


She currently sits on the Blue Mountains City Council Heritage Advisory Committee and the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Advisory Committee.







Area of Expertise

Heritage Studies including statements of heritage impact, conservation management plans and strategies.  Experienced also in the areas of cross cultural heritage, cultural landscapes and interpretation plans.

Historical Studies often for use as part of larger heritage studies including thematic histories, community and oral histories and contextual histories.  Also interested in rural and regional history and settlement history.



Publications/Past Work

Paul Sorensen Nursery - Heritage Impact Statement (2018)

Thematic History of the Warrumbungles Shire
Being undertaken as part of the Community Heritage Study for the Shire. (2018)

The Family Trust: On Assimilation, Migration and Concealing Ambivalent Identities.
Chapter 4 in the book:
Legacies of Violence: Rendering the Unspeakable Past in Modern Australia
Ed Robert Mason. (2017).

Young Steel Roller Mill - Statement of Heritage Impact

Katoomba Heritage Walk
Developed a heritage interpretation walk through Katoomba. Currently undertaking tours with a tour company  (2016-18).

The Railway Hotel, Appin - Statement of Heritage Impact
Developed the history of the site for the assessment. (2016)

Seclusions - Conservation Management Plan
Worked as part of a larger team on the development of site including a series of historic vernacular farm buildings for use as a wedding facility. (2016)

Boat People: A Long History of Immigration
Presented paper at conference based on PhD. (2015)

Boorowa Thematic History
Undertook the thematic history of the Boorowa region working with High Ground Consulting on the Community Heritage Study. (2014-15)

Wilton Junction Heritage Study
Consulted  on the historical elements of a larger heritage study in the Wilton Junction area. (2013)

Criterion Hotel, Young - Statement of Heritage Impact
Provided Young Council with a Statement of Heritage Impact for a hotel contained within the urban conservation zone. (2013)

Boonalla Aboriginal Area: Contextual and Oral History
for NPWS (2013)

Statement of Heritage Impact for Mt York Monuments
Undertaken for Blue Mountains City Council in the lead up to the Centenary of the Crossing of the Blue Mountains the aim of this project was to assess the impact of the proposed works at Mt York on the heritage significance of the monuments. (2013)

Fitz Roy Iron Works – Conservation Management Plan Review
Undertake a review of his Conservation Management Plan for The Fitz Roy Ironworks. (2012).

Young Main Street Heritage Study
Documented and identified all buildings in Young’s Conservation Zone. Made recommendations regarding paint schemes for all affected buildings and provided a contextual history for the area. (2012)

PhD: Following a Paper trail from Vienna to the Mugga Way Tip: A Comparative Study of One Hundred Years of Assimilation.
At the end of my undergraduate degree I found six boxes of letters and diaries at the local tip. This collection documents the lives of a group of well educated, middle class people from the 1860s until the 1960s. The group of people represented in the collection were all assimilating Jews who had originated from Vienna, migrated to Britain and then in the case of some, to Australia. This thesis follows their journey resulting in a comparative study of the process of cultural assimilation in these three countries. It examines the emancipation-assimilation process focusing on the middle classes and the cultural elite, reflecting the experiences of the people in the collection. (2008)

Review of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and its Management in the Demon and Mann River Nature Reserves and Washpool, Nymbioda, Gibraltar Range, Barool, Capoompeta and Butterleaf National Parks.
NPWS (2000)

Conservation Management Plan: Nerane Headland: A History of Saw-milling Village in the Myall Lakes