Commission a history

Commission professional history

Professional historians can be commissioned to investigate anything from community and business histories to conducting oral history surveys, writing heritage management plans or creating an exhibition. We can help you to tell your history.

Commission a history – Useful advice:

If you have any questions, please email the Secretary.

National Jobs and Opportunities Bulletin

If you wish to employ an historian, PHA (NSW & ACT) can include a short advertisement in our employment bulletin for members. This is a fair and professional way of putting you in contact with the right person. Please note we don’t provide a preferred list of members for you to choose from.

Please send your Expressions of Interest to the Administration Officer or contact for more information.

Your job advertisement should include:

  • deadline and closing date for tender/expressions of interest
  • an outline of the project and tasks required
  • project outcomes and deliverables
  • deadline or timeframe of the actual project
  • what should applicant provide with their applications? (CV, budget costing, examples of work, etc.)
  • contact details of the person in charge of the project.