Professional historians

Professional historians are trained to research and present history in a variety of formats. They work in museums, government departments, universities, schools, private firms (usually in the heritage sector) and as freelance writers. They create websites, apps and interactive displays about anything – from community and company histories, to heritage, family and oral history projects and exhibitions that are published in a variety of formats such as a book, information pamphlet, exhibition, walking tour app or website.

Our members are trained in historical methods of research and bring a depth of knowledge to a range of subjects. They are skilled at drawing together competing facts and viewpoints to present coherent narratives.

All accredited professional historians have a minimum of a bachelor degree in a history-related subject at honours level and one year full time professional experience. Many have masters or doctorates in history and are leading experts in their field.

If you wish to employ an historian, PHA (NSW & ACT) can include a short advertisement in our employment bulletin for members. This is a fair and professional way of putting you in contact with the right person.

Please note we don’t provide a preferred list of members for you to choose from.

Professional historians