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Dr Kylie Andrews is an award-winning historian who has worked across a range of mediums and disciplines. Her historical focus covers a wide field, from media and communications to corporate, labour and military history. Kylie’s approach as a professional historian is reinforced by her previous career in film, television and sound production, where as a production manager and producer, she worked on commercial projects, animated feature film and broadcast design. In addition to receiving the Clare Burton Scholarship and a National Council of Women Australia Day Award for her research into gender in broadcasting, Kylie was awarded the UNSW Frank Crowley History Prize for her study of the television industry’s approach to national history. Kylie works with many historical associations and centres of learning; in addition to being a PHA (NSW) committee member, she is associated with the University of Technology, Sydney (Communications) and the Centre for Media History at Macquarie University. Her new book 'Trailblazing Women of Australian Public broadcasting, 1945-1975', was published by Anthem Press in July 2022.
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