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Madeline Shanahan
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Madeline is a professional historian with over fifteen years of experience. She holds a PhD from University College Dublin and an Honours degree from the University of Sydney. Madeline has worked as a historian in Dublin, Melbourne and Sydney. She is currently based at Extent Heritage, where she specialises in interpretation. Madeline has been a key author and project director of a range of high profile heritage interpretation schemes including RMC Duntroon, the Woodford Academy and Blundells Cottage. In addition to her work in heritage, Madeline also has a background in native title history, and has worked extensively with Victorian Traditional Owner groups on boundary and genealogical research. This experience has given her a depth of expertise in community engagement and oral history. Madeline remains an active researcher. She is the author of two books and a range of publications. Her research interests relate to food and cookery, recipe books and women’s history. She is currently an Honorary Adjunct lecturer at UNE and is one the Editorial Advisory Board of Post medieval Archaeology.
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