What next for tertiary education? Some preliminary sketches informed by history

  The year 2014 represents the 50-year anniversary of the Committee on the Future of Tertiary Education report. The Martin Report[i] Ā led to the introduction of the binary policy of tertiary education in Australia, made up of universities and colleges of advanced education. Francesca Beddie looked back at the binary system and its replacement by … Read more

Ukraine and self-determination

  Nathan Stormont, winner of the 2013Ā Public History Prize, puts the Ukrainian political crisis into historical perspective… On a chilly evening in late November, 2013, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians converged on the Maidan Nezalezhnostiā€”the Independence Squareā€”in the centre of Kyiv to protest the unpopular regime of Viktor Yanukovych. In the wake of a rejected … Read more