Getting the most out of the State Library of NSW catalogue

  … by Lisa Murray, Continuing Professional Development officer at the PHA NSW & ACT Want to get more out of the State Library of NSW’s single search catalogue? Our members certainly do! Seventeen PHA members attended a two-hour workshop convened especially for professional historians on Thursday 22 February at the State Library of New … Read more

PHA NSW & ACT Public History Prize: enter now. It’s worth it!

  … by Francesca Beddie and Minna Muhlen-Schulte, Public History Prize officer, who can be contacted at <>. Last year ABC Radio National did a program about art prizes. Are they worth the effort? As the introduction to the discussion answered: They might prove welcome cash to impoverished artists but they dash the hopes of … Read more

Refashioning history: my uncomfortable embrace of imagination

  … by Peter Hobbins One of the great joys in writing history lies in making myself perennially uncomfortable. Nowhere is this more true than when employing that vexed verb ‘imagine’. I was trained as an empiricist. I have an honours degree in science, earned by killing multitudes of small creatures. It explains why I … Read more