2014 Public History Prize Winner: Nathan Fallon

  The Public History Prize was established in 2008 to encourage students enrolled in undergraduate history courses to research, write and present accessible and engaging histories, and to consider a career as a professional historian operating in the public history field. The 2014 Public History Prize was awarded to Nathan Fallon (centre), for his essay: … Read more

The PHA (NSW +ACT) celebrates its 30th year and has a pearler in the process

  Ian Hoskins reports on History in July… I suspect the dining room of 133 Macquarie Street, ‘History House’, saw rather more oysters than pearls during its years as the premises of the Reform Club hosting the colony’s Alpha Males (politicians, pastoralists and the occasional vice-regal type) – at least before the Club and probably … Read more

Peter Tyler Oration

  Professional historians who gathered at the annual History in July occasion in Sydney must have been heartened by the thoughtful words uttered in the second Peter Tyler Oration. Alan Atkinson, Emeritus Professor and literary prize winner, traced the origins – and rise and rise – of public history. He did so with rigour and … Read more

AHA 2015: a personal reflection

  By Samantha Leah … The 2015 Australian Historical Association (AHA) conference was a combination of fascinating papers, talks and networking. Some delegates grasped the opportunity between sessions to connect and introduce, while others took the time to reflect on the implications of a paper for their own research. Most, like myself, did both. One … Read more

2015 Australian Historical Association conference overview

  Ian Willis reports on the conference… The annual Australian Historical Association (AHA) conference has wound up for another year. This year it was held at the University of Sydney, with over 400 delegates attending from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, and South Africa. The classic architecture around the Quadrangle guided the sensibilities of delegates … Read more

Scratching Sydney’s Surface: History on the radio

  Mark Dunn explains… For some time now, Laila Ellmoos and I have been talking up Sydney’s history on the radio.  In fact we started doing this in June 2008 on Fbi 94.5 fm.  It will be seven years this week since we first went on air, taking over the segment Scratching Sydney’s Surface when … Read more