What the history of Australia Day can tell us about the date

  …Ā Ā Before we talk about the best date for our national day, letā€™s get a better understanding of its history and what it means to all our citizens and what we want to commemorate. Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director of the Australia Institute, observed when launching the instituteā€™s December 2017 poll on Australia Day: The national … Read more

History Matrix

  …In this occasional series about membersā€™ blogs, we introduce HistoryMatrix, the electronic journal of Dr Bruce Baskerville. Bruce maintains four blogs ā€“ HistoryMatrix is the ā€˜historyā€™ blog; mrbbaskerville is the place he opines; Ā Sepia Green is a blog for reviews; and, Green Plaques is a grant project to create an archive of commemorative plaques … Read more

Happy New Year

  Thank you to all those who contributed to the PHA NSW & ACT blog in 2017. The year’s 25 posts covered: Aboriginal history surprising resources for historical use such asĀ knitting and the Botanical Gardens issues in the practice of history, history tourism and memorialisation (this post received more comments than any other) discussions on … Read more