Keeping up with the times: gender and heritage

  Imogen Dixon-Smith (Master of Museum & Heritage Studies, University of Sydney) explains how her prize-winning essay came to beā€¦ The development of the paper I submitted to the Public History Prize in 2015 started in a university subject I was taking titled ā€˜The Idea of Heritageā€™. I was set the task of pursuing a … Read more

The 1816 Appin Massacre Commemorated 200 years on

  …by Stephen Gapps… The 17th of April 1816 is not a date etched in wider Australian memory nor even that of Sydneysiders concerned about their past. However it is imprinted in the memory of descendants of Dharawal and Gandangarra people who were massacred by a military expedition sent out on the orders of Governor … Read more

History in Hidden Harmony

  Ian WillisĀ visits an artistsā€™ retreatā€¦ What has history got to do with an artistsā€™ retreat you might ask? Quite a bit as it turns out. I was recently invited to address such a gathering at Varroville in New South Wales; it was quite an enlightening and stimulating occasion. The three-day 2016 Artistsā€™ Retreat was … Read more