Social Media for the Cautious Historian

Mark Dunn reports on the PHA NSW CPD event for May, Social Media for the Cautious Historian, conducted by Yvonne Perkins. This¬†was a welcome, hand-holding guide through the world of social media and what it offers to historians, many of whom have been a bit slow on the uptake of these new means of communication.¬† … Read more

The role of history and historians in government

by Francesca Beddie. I believe professional historians can play a more active role in the public policy debate. Many PHA NSW members are working on issues of public interest, for example: social inclusion; migration; native title. Their challenge, along with that of academic historians and those working in the public sector, is to encourage decision … Read more

Understanding migration

Debate in the United States over immigration has hotted up as the Senate prepares to debate a new bill, which includes a proposal¬†to caps the number of foreign workers businesses can hire and to introduce requirements for certain wage levels. Sound familar? To inject an historical perspective into the debate the American Historical Association sponsored … Read more