Blainey on history making

  by Francesca Beddie, blog editor… In his discussion of historians and their craft, Tom Griffiths (The Art of Time Travel, 2016) describes Geoffrey Blainey* as magpie. It is a metaphor Blainey has also used for his research. Griffiths explains: Blainey prods the earth inquisitively, feeds quirkily…he scavenges bright details and oddments that catch his … Read more

Historians communing: part one

  In the next two blog posts, Laila Ellmoos reflects on two conferences held in Victoria in 2016: the Australian Historical Association (AHA) conference in Ballarat and the Working History conference in Melbourne, organised by the Professional Historians Association (Victoria) (PHA Vic). This year the annual conference of the AHA was held in the Victorian … Read more