Misery and indifference: German refugees post-World War II and refugees now

  … While doing research on occupied Germany after the Second World War, Christine de Matos came across material that should¬†be considered as we confront today‚Äôs refugee flows. In November 1948, a British woman named Mary Sutherland made an official tour of the British zone of occupation in post-war Germany. Sutherland‚Äôs area of expertise was … Read more

Private Lives Public History

  Dr Anna Clark‚Äôs 2016 Peter Tyler Oration left her PHA audience with an important challenge: how does the profession build the connections between people‚Äôs appetite to understand where they came from and the broader story of society‚Äôs historical development? This is the task uncovered by¬†Clark’s research into ordinary Australians‚Äô attitude to history.¬†She conducted interviews … Read more