Revealed: Treasures from Hurstville by Emma Dortins

Treasures’ sums it up well. Intriguing clusters of objects become treasures in this exhibition curated by PHA member Dr Birgit Heilmann and team of the Hurstville City Museum and Gallery. The objects introduce the visitor to Hurstville locals of several generations. They also explain how the locals’ involvement in business, leisure and home life was … Read more

Open Access and Professional Historians

By Yvonne Perkins The issue of open access has grown from a fringe movement led by a few mathematicians and scientists to an issue that is being debated in academia throughout the western world.  Governments are taking notice and the United Kingdom is in the process of seeing a significant change in the manner in … Read more

Open Government: resources for historians

More and more Government information is now available online. OpenGov NSW (, which is hosted by State Records NSW, provides free online access to information published by NSW Government agencies, including Annual Reports and open access information released under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). OpenGov NSW provides a simple and easily … Read more

Academic snobbery. Local historians need more support, says Ian Willis.

By Ian Willis Local studies have an important place in the history landscape in Australia. Local history is incredibly popular amongst thousands of amateur practitioners, yet only a relative handful of academic historians take an interest in it.  Both groups appear to have dug themselves into trenches on either side of a no-man’s land of … Read more