History Week 2013: Picture This

During  History Week in NSW PHA NSW members will be presenting a range of talks, exhibitions and workshops to explore the theme ‘picture this’. Laila Ellmoos has compiled a list of events to keep you busy over the next week. Zoe Pollock, PHA NSW member and Executive Director at the History Council of NSW, has … Read more

PHA(NSW) Committee for 2013-14

A funny thing happened at the PHA (NSW) AGM last Tuesday night.  I was elected president for 2013-14.  My name is Bruce Baskerville, and while some members will know we others won’t, so this post is to introduce myself to all members.  The other committee members elected are David Carment (vice-president), Carol Liston (treasurer), Stephen … Read more

Public Service: the Role of History and Historians in Government

Rosemary Kerr reports on the recent Australian Historical Association (AHA) conference in Wollongong, where members of the Professional Historians Association NSW spoke about their experiences working in the public sector at Commonwealth, state and local levels. The roundtable discussion, chaired by PHA NSW President, Laila Ellmoos, highlighted opportunities and challenges for raising the voice of … Read more

Social Media for the Cautious Historian

Mark Dunn reports on the PHA NSW CPD event for May, Social Media for the Cautious Historian, conducted by Yvonne Perkins. This was a welcome, hand-holding guide through the world of social media and what it offers to historians, many of whom have been a bit slow on the uptake of these new means of communication.  … Read more

Open Access and Professional Historians

By Yvonne Perkins The issue of open access has grown from a fringe movement led by a few mathematicians and scientists to an issue that is being debated in academia throughout the western world.  Governments are taking notice and the United Kingdom is in the process of seeing a significant change in the manner in … Read more