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Blainey on history making

31 AUGUST 2016 3:59 PM / 2 COMMENTS

  by Francesca Beddie, blog editor... In his discussion of historians and their craft, Tom Griffiths (The Art of Time Travel, 2016) describes Geoffrey Blainey* as magpie. It is a metaphor Blainey has also used for his research. Griffiths explains: Blainey prods the earth inquisitively, feeds quirkily…he scavenges bright details and oddments that [...]

Historians communing: part one

25 AUGUST 2016 11:53 AM / 3 COMMENTS

  In the next two blog posts, Laila Ellmoos reflects on two conferences held in Victoria in 2016: the Australian Historical Association (AHA) conference in Ballarat and the Working History conference in Melbourne, organised by the Professional Historians Association (Victoria) (PHA Vic). This year the annual conference of the AHA was held [...]

Misery and indifference: German refugees post-World War II and refugees now

30 JULY 2016 2:39 PM / 3 COMMENTS

  ... While doing research on occupied Germany after the Second World War, Christine de Matos came across material that should be considered as we confront today’s refugee flows. In November 1948, a British woman named Mary Sutherland made an official tour of the British zone of occupation in post-war Germany. Sutherland’s area [...]

Private Lives Public History

21 JULY 2016 1:39 PM / 3 COMMENTS

  Dr Anna Clark’s 2016 Peter Tyler Oration left her PHA audience with an important challenge: how does the profession build the connections between people’s appetite to understand where they came from and the broader story of society’s historical development? This is the task uncovered by Clark's research into ordinary Australians’ attitude to [...]

Out of the ordinary: co-editing a collection of Australian Methodist biography

30 JUNE 2016 3:28 PM / 1 COMMENT

  ... by Patricia Curthoys Over the past few years I have been involved, with William Emilsen, from Charles Sturt University, in editing a collection of Australian Methodist biographies (Patricia Curthoys and William W. Emilsen, Out of the Ordinary: Twelve Australian Methodist Biographies, Unley, MediaCom Australia, 2015). The collection was published in [...]

‘All in a muddle’: The Red Cross and the Liverpool Field Hospital

21 JUNE 2016 11:11 AM / 0 COMMENTS

  … Ian Willis recently gave a public lecture on the Liverpool Field Hospital and its involvement with the Red Cross at the Royal Australian Historical Society at History House in Sydney. ‘All in a muddle’ was how Mrs Isabelle Wallace Turner, the president of the Greenwich Red Cross, described the chaotic [...]

Remembering isn’t enough

6 JUNE 2016 2:00 PM / 2 COMMENTS

  Travelling across America, the country reveals a tapestry of contradictions. These were certainly evident in the lead up to Memorial Day, celebrated on the last Monday of May. In cemeteries and towns the bunting, flags and flowers come out, to remember the fallen and to welcome the beginning of summer. [...]

Every memorial has a story to tell

20 MAY 2016 1:10 PM / 0 COMMENTS

  by Francesca Beddie... Like many visitors to Washington DC, my first stop was the National Mall. There on a wet week day, most people stood in awe of the Lincoln Memorial; a few braved the rain to walk the length of the sombre 247 feet (75 meters) of the Vietnam Veterans [...]

Keeping up with the times: gender and heritage

28 APRIL 2016 1:29 PM / 6 COMMENTS

  Imogen Dixon-Smith (Master of Museum & Heritage Studies, University of Sydney) explains how her prize-winning essay came to be… The development of the paper I submitted to the Public History Prize in 2015 started in a university subject I was taking titled ‘The Idea of Heritage’. I was set the task [...]

The 1816 Appin Massacre Commemorated 200 years on

20 APRIL 2016 11:32 AM / 3 COMMENTS Stephen Gapps... The 17th of April 1816 is not a date etched in wider Australian memory nor even that of Sydneysiders concerned about their past. However it is imprinted in the memory of descendants of Dharawal and Gandangarra people who were massacred by a military expedition sent out on the [...]